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  • Ecoli gyrase HTS 2
  • HTS Assay Kit Gyrase

High / Medium-Throughput Assay Kit - E. coli Gyrase

The kit is supplied with sufficient E. coli gyrase enzyme, relaxed pNO1 DNA substrate, buffers and other assay components for 100 assays1 including a black streptavidin 96-well plate. The enzyme is supplied at a minimum concentration of 5 U/μl in Dilution Buffer 2. The kit is also supplied with sufficient wash buffers for one 96-well plate. These buffers are supplied as 20X concentrates and must be diluted with ultra pure water prior to use. 

Prices are per kit.

Discounts are available for larger quantities. Please contact us for more information.

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Cat no. Product Price Quantity
TRG01 HTS Assay Kit - E. coli Gyrase £1,127.00
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  1. Maxwell, A., Burton, N.P. and O'Hagan, N. (2006) High-throughput assays for DNA gyrase and other topoisomerases. Nucleic Acid Res. 34 (15), e104
  2. Hallett, P., Grimshaw, A.J., Wigley, D.B. and Maxwell, A. (1990) Cloning of the DNA gyrase genes under tac promoter control: overproduction of the gyrase A and B proteins. Gene 93: 139-142
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